Consumerism has infiltrated our hearts and now our souls. She has lifted veils and stolen our women. Maybe we were at fault when we let her in? How broken are we? How fake of a revolutionary one is, who buys the idea that money is access to salvation. We are broken. A revolutionary person with consumerist notions. A disaster.


One thought on “Broken

  1. Good reflections that apply to us all

    “Normalized domination”

    “False definitions of value that permeate our society”

    We are all “inducted into regimes of false ideals”

    God save us.

    “…it’s really important for us as a nation to begin to think about how we can arrive at ways at penetrating the pre-conscience. Because clearly our minds are working in the interest of values, sentiments, and sensibilities that precede our faculties of reason. And they are directing our faculties of reason in this, that, or the other way. And until we penetrate the pre-conscience and re-arrange the values on the basis of which we act in society, our reason will continue to serve the values that are implanted or manipulated by the powers-that-be. For me, this is the real role of religion, and it is the real role of Islam as a religion. Islam as a religion from its inception has fundamentally been about not the business of domination or conquest, but ultimately the business of empowering individuals to be masters in the sense of having some control over the pre-conscience, over the passions that animate and direct them as individuals.” | Dr. Sherman Jackson


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