Willow Mother

My youth is marked by the trees
In the backyard of our past little white house.
Pale skin flush against Wood.
Protect me.
The tall green grass which
The Machine missed in each corner – my favorite.

Brother and I
Would impose ourselves
To touch beyond the Grey metal chain linked fence,
Into the Darkness.
Frogs in there, we discovered.
Smiles lashing out, and although
Questions running through our heads whether posionous or not
We grabbed, we held, and we carried Earthly heart;
Giggles passing in that little green yard.
Humanity flushing itself
Like a tune, into me.
For me.

Our fragile bodies balancing on falling fences to stretch out arms.
I remember brother in his reuben red shirt,
We were Outside searching for tree frogs.
He climbed the fence too high, now on the other side.
Smiled at me; then behind him.

My body still fenced in;
I looked back at the house, afraid yet completely showered in adventure.
My eyes followed him;
Come back, don’t get lost –
I screamed in my head.
My heart half obsessed with the idea of jumping over myself.

I wish I did.

Our little hands yearned to grasp
A slimy prince, so I thought.
Brother, not so much.
Years after, I carried two little warts on my right thumb.
I consciously held with my left hand.
This mark only strengthened their birth;
Memory for that Grey Beyond.

Our little hands barricading the green of this Earth
My skin, not afraid to rub and push against
tree bark.
Muddy scars, and splinters
An army of truth and felicity.
For soil.
For Willow Mother.

For God’s sake,
I made jewlery out of the thick strands of grass;
little bows especially for my Human Mother.

Our little bodies, small enough to glide freely in that haven
The natural – moving slowly under our 6 inch feet,
Time cannot battle.
We felt the excitement of Earth
Fallen pinecones shedding flickering light unto us, distance away.
Tired yet luminescent.
An Omen.

When we would go on family trips
At the park, miles away,
The creek would silently call,
Whispering for us.
Down the hill we went
On our tummies, on our backs
Dry mud climbing our hinges
Until we would land face up, in a daze, blinking to rearrange Nature’s puzzle as we remembered it.
We discovered the giant vine tree with the wispy green hair
A womping willow?
No, my beloved Willow Mother;
Still there, feeding me love,
Nurturing when my Human Mother couldn’t.

We were so small we could hang off her love,
Until my brother jumped into the creek and swam
Oh my Human Mother would have it when she saw him,
All wet n muddy, he came out.
I just watched the water
Pass by my vivacious feet;
Shivering leaflets applauding my arrival.

Let me dip my fingers and my toes
Let me travel years ahead
And remember this moment.

I wish I did.



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