The Modern Pharaoh

Confidence in gatherings? Educational meetups with peers in the academic world? What do I know? Who am I? What do I not know?

In my opinion, I think it is better to avoid making categorical statements, which even profoundly disciplined scholars avoid conjecturing.

It would also be of merit to note how hypocritical we can be in making such grand statements; catering ethical and moral discussions, while not being able to fullfil or make amends in our own personal relationships and friendships. I think the latter is what creates a disease in the heart. It is important to ask questions, to evaluate each other and promote good thinking. But what value does this hold when we are emotionally abusive, feeding our appetite, and seeking pseudo-humble popularity? And it shouldn’t be ignored how we trim and prepare ourselves on social media – making sure our presentation speaks for us; our comments ironic; desperately seeking the surface. Our voices are barren. Optics are eating us alive; we are eating optical illusions.

Sincerity is there; self-awareness fading.

Oh, how our appetite gets the best of us. We have much to work on.

May we overcome the Pharaoh inside of us all.


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