Some Scribbles

-Letting go; cleansing
Getting rid of excess clothing, pens, utensils, lotion etc. in my room; everything I can think of. I have prepared a large bag already full of clothing. Building more bags as we speak. Will be donating.

-Once upon a time, A Couple
Framed a photo of Mom and Dad in my room –  their arms are tangled and serene smiles on the shore when they lived in Texas.

-Project (Long Term)
Found 4 photographs (10-20 second intervals between each) from my parents’ early marriage days in Texas. My Mom is handing a fishing pole to my Dad, who is holding my eldest sister in his arms. The wind blowing his hair and her scarf. Their car in the photo – a baby bottle full of milk inside on the windshield dock. There is a white sailboat on the water; you can tell which photo came first depending on where the sailboat is on the water. You can see the movement from photo to photo. Love. I instantly fell for my parents after unearthing these photographs from my Mom’s miscellaneous storage closet at home this Winter Break. I had never felt this way before.

I am planning on oil-painting these 4 photographs to solidify that beauty I know existed between my parents, and reconciling my sadness for their marriage ending.

Thoughts. Or something.


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