Quick Scribbles – January 5th 2015

–Janell Ross’s article sheds some good light but the question of why we don’t call others terrorists is futile and irrelevant.

–Biomedical ethics in Islam and hypotheticals. Burning passion to learn more about this thought process and become a future contributor.

–Ethics are on all the time. When we sleep, eat, work. Do not negotiate ethical imperatives when ‘off the clock’.

–What are my personal outlooks for standing up against crime in Chicago? How can I learn about organizers an protests off social media?

–Professor for one of my classes is doing a research project on ‘Life Expectancy Inequality in Chicago.’ Gun violence is a public health issue, as declared by the Surgeon General of the United States.

–Social media creates an unhealthy fire in my heart. How can I maintain it and help this?


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