Philiagraph: affinity for writing.

It came about during my medical terminology class that I enrolled in during Fall term of my third year. We learned about Greek and Latin roots to create meanings. This self formed word, when put together, produced a monoabstraction for the soul of my mind and created a sense of oneness with my writing. For the first time, my blog title isn’t glued together by Google or formed from blogs by my own writer-friends. In hopes of empowering myself to write freely, I sought to develop a name drawn by my story. Here, the combining form philia, is closely defined as ‘affinity towards’ or ‘love of.’ The combining form graph is closely defined as ‘to write’ or ‘to record.’ The two forms put together seemed sweetly melodious, but more so subtle and quiet to me. In a mysterious way, this eleven letter word makes sense to me. My hopes are to create a stillness within my writing and allow a transformative experience for myself and my readers. Maybe for now, my pursuit is to sustain a consistent style and voice. As a past writing professor once told me, “Writing is thought made tangible.” Here is my ceremonial, online diary bind. A commitment to be nurtured by words.