Light as a Feather

While the seasons will undo your soul
Time forgives us and it takes control
But separate our things to put us back together

We’re light as a feather
Heavy as the weather,
If it was raining stones

Put our hands together to applaud or pray
It’s like a show was over but we’re too scared to walk away
All for the better, worse for the way

We’re light as a feather
God, You and I together
Meanwhile inside me, it was raining stones
You didn’t know
God bless your soul

We’re light as a feather
Heavy, as the weather
We’re light as a feather
God, You and I together

The Astrologer that tumbled into a Well


A mirroring on being intellectually ill. Or something. 

Let, for want of due repair,
A real house fall down,
To build a castle in the air?

– Charles Denis

A witty and attractive Thracian servant-girl is said to have mocked Thales for falling into a well while he was observing the stars and gazing upwards; declaring that he was eager to know the things in the sky, but what was behind him and just by his feet escaped his attention.

– A fragment on Thales from Plato’s Theaetetus


Wild Woman Mosaic

i shatter again
so i collect my new parts
with a smile;
cheeks rosy – the wilderness of Wild Woman within reflecting back to me –
the prophecy.

She is a noble wolf;
teaches me the indigenous Natural Woman
and my uncontainered
compassion, fierceness, intuition, and protection.

pieces on the soil glimmer back to me, not at me;
they call out to the Mother inside,
“rebuild us, nourish us”

my pieces are me and i my pieces.
Lo and behold,
i am a mosaic!
my sharp interludes welcoming each other
up the forest trees
exhausted up an opening.
and a new reality
to love
lies before Us.

She is raw Wild beauty;
and so she howls back to the Moon
and runs to the Wind.


The Monarch Butterfly


Monarchs can travel 50-100 miles in a single day. They need to migrate because they cannot survive in such cold weather conditions during winter. It may take up to two months for them to reach their destination. The farthest a monarch has been recorded to travel is 265 miles in a single day. How can something so small and light travel for that far and long?

There are people who appear fragile and easily dictated by other forces yet they are capable of the deepest form of strength without flinching. In the same way that monarchs can’t see their wings, people are able to exude an honorable form of discipline, patience, and fortitude without realizing how impeccable their example is. May we become as, if not more, consistent and mettled as the natural.

We have much to learn from other life forms.